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    Strong Hold Pomade

    Strong hold pomades, can come in any form water based, oil based etc. They will have higher wax content providing the strong hold. Strong hold pomades can be used for stiff hair or when styles need to hold in place for a long time. Styles such as pompadours/the pomp or where the style is high and tight, is best achieved using strong hold pomades.

    Obviously every pomade will have their own unique set of characteristics which make the journey to find the perfect product an adventure for everyone. See below for some pomade brands that provide strong hold pomades!

    Medium Shine | Wax Based - Baxter Hard Cream Pomade

    Medium Shine | Water Based - Daimon Barber Fixing Pomade

    Low Shine | Water Based - Imperial Classic Pomade

    High Shine | Water Based - The Bluebeard Revenge Pomade