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    Petroleum Base

    Petroleum based pomades are similar to oil based pomades if not exactly the same. This type of pomade is transitioning to being called “oil-based pomade” and there are various reasons individuals will use this type over other types. It is important to note that it is important to trial and error pomades when making a pomade review which we have actioned for you.

    Petroleum based pomade is great as it provides high shine and allows for you to re-work your hair during the day without the need of adding water. This is great as you also do not need to add extra pomade to re-style your hair.

    You can also note, that as it is not easily washed out, the pomade will still be in your hair and the next time you need to style your hair you will not need to add as much pomade reducing the amount of pomades you go through each year.

    Please see below for petroleum base pomades we offer:

    Low Hold | Low Shine – Baxter Cream Pomade

    Strong Hold | Matte Finish - Baxter Clay Pomade