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    Medium Hold Strength

    Medium Hold pomades are the most common strength available and are usually water-based, although can be found in oil based form. Both water based pomade and oil based pomade medium hold pomades typically have some wax content, and are intended to hold well while maintaining comfort and adjustability. These products are great for people that are in between a heavy hold and a light hold.

    Medium Hold pomades can be used for people who want to achieve pompadours (no, pomps not dead) and do not need strong hold-pomades to achieve this, as they may have thin or soft hair. There are plenty of pomade brands that provide medium hold pomades, and below are just a few.

    Medium Shine | Water Based - Daimon Barber Original Pomade

    High Shine | Water Based - Victory Crown Slick Pomade

    Low Shine | Water Based -  Imperial Blacktop Pomade

    High Shine | Oil Based - Burly Fellow Original Pomade