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    Matte Finish

    When buying Australian products online, one thing to consider is the finish a pomade may have.

    Matt finish pomades provide for a laid-back, textured look and this has been a popular style in the past. Hair grooming involved men styling their hair with dry-looking quaffs and matt, natural fades.

    Matte finish pomades can come in a variety of bases including water-based and petroleum based. There are also a variety of brands that offer matte finish pomades such as Baxter of California, Victory Crown, The Bluebeard Revenge and Layrite.

    Finding the best matte finish pomades, is all dependent on the individuals’ hair type and hair style, although here are some that offer matte finishes.

    Light Hold | Water Based - Bluebeard Revenge Matt Paste 100ml

    Medium Hold | Water Based - Layrite Natural Matte Cream

    Strong Hold | Petroleum Based - Baxter Clay Pomade