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    Light Hold Pomade

    Light hold pomades come in various shines and types, although usually they would be oil based pomade or water based pomade. You will find little wax contents in their ingredients allowing for a softer hold.

    Light strength pomades can achieve many looks and styles:

    • If you want a natural look or messy look
    • If you have thin hair and can achieve your style with minimal hold
    • If you have straight hair

    We also have various pomade brands who provide light hold pomades such as, Baxter of California, Bluebeard Revenge, JS Sloane, Imperial and O’Douds.

    See some of our recommendations below for light hold pomades:

    Low Shine | Water Based - Baxter Soft Water Pomade

    Medium Shine | Water Based - JS Sloane Lightweight Pomade

    High Shine | Oil Based - O'Douds Traditional Light Pomade