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    Do you know the amount of pomade types there are available in today’s market? How are we supposed to know with the amount of choice we have? Will the type of hair effect the pomade I need to use?

    When using pomade, it can be confusing and these are just some of the questions that you may ask yourself. Don’t stress though, because you’re about to be educated and introduced into the world of pomade.

    For simplicity's sake, and so you don't waste your time reading information that isn't related to you, we have broken the blog to the main types of pomade variations.


    Feel free to skip to what is relevant to you. Enjoy!

    Pomade Hold Strengths

    Pomades come in 3 main different types of holds

    • Light Hold
    • Medium Hold
    • Strong Hold

    So if you're wondering what strength will work for your hair type and what style you want to achieve that this section will be for you!

    Light Hold

    Brief: Majority of light hold pomades are either water-based or oil based as they have very little wax. The main purpose of light hold pomade is to provide maximum comfort and adjustability

    Hair: This type of pomade is best used for thin hair as thicker hair may be harder to work with. Light pomade can also be used for straight hair to achieve a messier or natural look.

    Here are examples of some light hold pomades.

    Imperial Matte Pomade 113ml - Light Hold


    Imperial Matte Pomade 113ml

    Baxter Cream Pomade 60ml - Light Hold


    Baxter Cream Pomade 60ml

    O'Douds Traditional Light Pomade 114ml - Light Hold


    O'Douds Light Pomade 114ml


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    Medium Hold

    Overview: Similar to light hold pomades, medium hold pomades predominately consist of being either water-based or oil based. Although medium hold pomade may have a better hold than light hold pomade, comfortability and adjustability are still one of its features.

    Hair: If you have thin hair and want to keep a style in place and the light holds are not enough, then medium hold pomades would be the best for you. It provides the feature of the light hold although with a little more hold strength. So if you have thin hair and you want to achieve some old school classic hair styles, then this is the type you will want to look for.

    Here are some examples of some medium hold pomade.


    See all our Medium Hold Pomade products! CLICK HERE

    Strong Hold

    Overview: If you have thick, stubborn hair that doesn’t move, then light hold or medium hold pomades will not work. Strong hold pomades can come in both oil based and water based, although majority will be water based. Strong hold will have higher wax content than light hold and medium hold pomades giving it its long lasting and strong hold characteristic.

    Hair: If you are trying to achieve a hard to manage hair style and you have thick and/or stiff hair then turning to strong hold pomades would be the smart option. Whether your hair is curly, wavy or straight there will be a strong hold pomade that will be able to hold your style in place.  

    Here are some examples of some strong hold pomade


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    Pomade Types

    If you were to shop for Pomade back in the 1940s to 1950s pomade would mostly be found only in an oil based formula. Nowadays, we are able to find various types of pomade, although generally the main two types are Water and Oil Base.

     As a pomade user myself, there is no real answer to which type is better as it will depend on the style you want to achieve and the type of hair you have, so make sure you try each type yourself after reading this.

    The 2 types of pomades that we have come across and will be most useful to you are:

    • Water Base
    • Oil Base

    Water Base

    Overview: When looking for water-based pomade look for the ingredient water or the term water-soluble. If this is seen you more than likely have a water based pomade. This pomade type is a modernized pomade that came out in the last century as during the 1920s and 1950s oil-based pomade was the dominant pomade type.


    • Washes out very easily with water
    • Has large variety of Hold and Shine levels
    • Provides better performance during warmer weather as it can stay dry and maintain it’s hold throughout the day
    • Contains very little to no oil, therefore reducing the chances of acne breakout


    • Costs more on average than oil based, due to the complex formulation of ingredients.
    • Does not last as long as oil based, as it does not stay in your hair.

    Here are examples of some water base pomades.


    18.21 Man Made Pomade 56ml


    Uppercut Deluxe Pomade 100ml

    Victory Crown Barber

    Victory Crown Slick Pomade 118ml


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    Oil Base

    Overview: Oil based pomades are the traditional hair greases for men. Normally consisting of just fat (originally bear fat), but these days can also contain petroleum and lanolin. These type of pomades typically are high shine and they do not dry completely.


    • Oil pomade will stay in your hair, you use less next time around, also means less expensive as it will last longer
    • Contains lesser chemicals than water based-based pomades
    • Never dry, allowing the user to re-style
    • Has a large variety of pomade finishes, from High shine to Matte and strong hold to light hold pomades.


    • Unable to dissolve in water, staying in hair and can build up
    • Can lead to possible acne breakouts

    Here are some examples of some oil base pomade


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    Pomade Finishes

    Our Pomade Goods team, are starting to see more and more men using shine pomade products. This is great when trying to achieve a wetter, slicker finish to your hair. When applied correctly, your hairstyle can have that extremely modern look while exuding an old-school classic charm.

    When looking at pomade, there are mainly four types of finishes they offer

    • Low shine
    • Medium shine
    • High shine

    It is important to know what is out there before you buy and try, just so you know the direction you want to go. Here at Pomade Goods, we offer a range of pomades that will cater to your current hair regime, so feel free to have a look around. As an important note, it’s always important to mix things up and give things a try, and don’t be afraid to ask us or your local barber/stylist for advice – it’s what they are paid for after all!

    If you want to checkout our Pomade finishes CLICK HERE.

    Low Shine

    Overview: Although pomades are typically medium to high shine, there are pomades that provide a low shine or matte look. These pomades are typically wax based, and are high hold pomades.

    Hair: If your hair is oily and already has a shine to it, and you just want to add a little more shine, then low shine pomades will be a perfect touch up that can be used as it will not leave you looking like a grease head. These low shine pomades, will leave your hair looking natural and can be used as an everyday look. It’s good for all types of hair especially oily hair.

      Here are examples of some low shine pomades.


      Baxter Cream Pomade 60ml


      Uppercut Matt Pomade 100ml


      Imperial Blacktop Pomade 177ml


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      Medium Shine

      Overview: Medium Shine pomades can come in all types of holds and bases. Majority will be water based and waxed base.

      Hair: If your hair is not oily and more dry, and you want to add shine but not too much shine, then medium shine pomades are perfect. They are perfect for all hair types straight to wavy, short to long and can add a natural look to your hair if no shine currently exists.

        Here are some examples of some medium shine pomades.


        See all our Medium Shine Pomade products! CLICK HERE

        High Shine

        Overview: If you want to talk OG pomades, then High shine pomades are just that. When pomades were first introduced they were heavily oil-based and provided a high-shine look. From a slick high shine gentlemen’s look to a greasy Elvis Presley high shine look. Modern High shine pomades can come in all holds and bases, although majority of the high shine pomades you will find are oil based.

        Hair: In terms of hair type, this can be used for all. Although, high shine pomades are best used for trying to achieve the old-school gentlemen’s look where high shine is its main style.

          Here are examples of some high shine pomades.

          Burley Fellow

          Burly Fellow Water Pomade 100ml

          Dear Barber

          Dear Barber Pomade 100ml

          Burley Fellow

          Burly Fellow Strong Pomade 75ml


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          The type of pomade you choose should be determined by your hair's length and texture. If you have short, fine hair and want it to stand up, use strong hold pomades. Longer hair gives you more options, depending on how full you want it to look. For thinning hair, avoid heavier products, like non-water-based pomades or oil based pomades, as they'll weigh down your hair. Never just slap product onto the hair; put some in your palm and rub your hands together, then apply from the back of the head forward. If you screw up your work of art, don't sweat it it's a washable canvas. You should always be testing different pomades and eventually you will know what is perfect for your hair!!

          Pomade for Men


          As an everyday user of hair products, we know that it all adds up when purchasing. We know how expensive it gets, and we understand that sometimes you may think, is it even worth it?

          We have tried various types of men’s hair products from hair gels, to hair wax, to even styling cream! It took us a long time to find something that suited, but finally, we found the perfect men’s hair product that caters to the average man’s everyday needs no matter what the weather or occasion.

          Understanding Pomade

          When you think of pomade, most people will probably first see it as a type of wax. This is correct, as traditional pomade is a thick, waxy and oil based hair product that has a slick and shiny finish. If you are someone who needs a hair style to keep its form, whether it is to keep curls defined or keep it straight, pomade is the perfect product to use!

          Unlike other hair products such as gel or mouse which can dry out your hair, create dandruff and contribute to hair loss, pomade is able to achieve a shiny, wet-like and textured finish and maintain hold for a long period of time without the cause for flakiness and hardening. In your daily meetings, or even when you are just doing daily chores/activities, if you’re hair leaves its form, pomade allows it to be reworked into the style of your choosing. How is this possible? Well, as mentioned before pomade provides great hold over a long period of time, but another characteristic of pomade is its feature of not drying out allowing it to be pliable and flexible!

          Different pomade for different needs

          Now-a-days pomade can come in different, bases, holds and finishes allowing for a pomade for every type of hair style and hair need. Depending on the style you want to achieve, pomades will be able to cater as they can be water, oil, petroleum, or wax based. There are also various holds, ranging from a light hold to strong hold for the numerous hair types. In addition to this, we can choose from different types of finishes, such as matte, low, medium or high shine.

          Click here to see what's available!

          With all these pomade variations, we are able to accurately achieve the style we want no matter what our hair type is, without turning to other products! Trying to achieve the hairstyle of your choosing takes time (and a lot of trial and error!), although below is a summary for what some of the other hair products can offer you.

          • Mousse – This type of hair product is good for a light hold, although your hair will appear thicker due to the chemicals that surround your hair strands
          • Gel – If you want to keep your hair in place, then gel is the way to go. In saying this, it will make your hair look really greasy and you will have locks of hair that are as stiff as cardboard.
          • Pomade – In terms of an all-around choice, pomade is the hair product to pursue as it has various types/holds/finishes and offers different results depending on how you use it.

          Who can use Pomade?

          As mentioned previously there are various types of pomades on the market, meaning that there will be a pomade product for any style you want to achieve no matter what your hair type. Your hair can be curly, wavy, straight, thin, thick, short, long you name it, and there will be a pomade for you.

          Pomade can also be applied when your hair is wet, dry or damp allowing you flexibility in its uses. In saying this, certain pomades will be catered to achieve certain hairstyles and some perform better when applied wet, damp or dry.

          Below is a beginners list of things to do when using Pomade:

          • Warm up pomade in your hands so there is an even distribution of pomade throughout your hair (this also makes the pomade more pliable)
          • Start off small when adding pomade as, you can always add more later. This will be a hassle to take out if you add too much, not to mention it will look bad.
          • Read the instructions for your pomade product as different pomades may be best suited when handled a certain way. Hopefully before you purchased the product you know the hair style you want to achieve and chose the right product.


          Pomade is a great hair product and offers numerous types for the various hair types and style people want to achieve. The ways you can apply pomade to your hair is endless and therefore it is important you understand your hair and the type of style you want to achieve. Please feel free to browse around and see the many pomades available!

            What is pomade?

            Pomade date’s back to the 1800’s back when bear fat was used as the main pomade ingredient. Primarily used amongst the gentry also referred to as upper class people for that elegant desirable look. The term pomade actually derived from the French word pomade, meaning “ointment”. Nowadays in the 20th century we have a great selection of pomades available with the uses of more sophisticated ingredients making birth to more versatile pomade from scents, holds, shines and bases.

            Gentry pomade birth

            Men’s Pomade is a greasy, waxy or a water based substance used to style hair. There's is a multitude of pomade's available that ranges from strong-light holds as well as high-low-natural shine's depending on your preference. Primarily men's pomade product are used for more slicker and cleaner looks. It's unique over other product because of its stiffening properties and other characteristics such as adding weight to your hair and it's firm shell that it provides once hardened. With pomade's you're really able to achieve a neat and tidy look that maintains any frizz or bits that are not normally achievable with other hair products.

            When choosing men's pomade there are 3 things you should look for:

            • Base - The type of pomade 
            • Hold level 
            • Finish

            Now what are these slick clean look's you speak you might say? Checkout the images below for some great examples of the classic side part and pompadours.

              side part Side part side part

            Pomade bases

            Pomade bases is the category of main ingredients that make up that pomade each with it’s own characteristics.

            Nowadays you can get a variety of different pomade bases, holds and finishes and yes we know it can definitely be confusing which one do I choose? But don’t worry we’ll break it down for you.

            Water base pomade

            Water based pomades as the term implies really means that the pomade is “water soluble” which by definition from means “capable of dissolving in water”. And because it is water soluble it’s really easy to wash out. There is a multitude of consistency’s, holds and shines available in the market. Now water pomades are great they provide exceptional holds and hardening power as well as shines. When applied to the hair it can be described as if your styling your hair from a hat hair stage. It grips well and really holds any frizz or sticking out pieces your able to get that tight look in terms of your sides and fringe weather it be a side part or pompadour, volume can also be achieved when used with a blow dryer. When it comes to re-working simply adding water will allow you to reshape and re-slick your hair.

            Water base pomade


            Oil base pomade

            As the name implies oil based pomade consist of oils, typically oil-based pomade never dry, making your hair malleable throughout the day. Nethertheless don’t be discouraged about the hold power from its main ingredient being Oil. Oil based pomade's are malleable they do come in array of classes you can get extreme strong holds and softer holds and the same for shine levels. Because of oil being a main ingredient you'll experience difficulty washing out the product within one wash.

            Oil base pomade


            Petroleum base pomade

            Petroleum based pomades contain petrolatum or petroleum as a ingredient. It primarily used if your after a heavy weighted and high shine product as-well as a great water resistant product affected by sweat or humidity or other environmental factors as a result they are very difficult to wash out.

             Petroleum base pomade


            Wax base pomade

            Wax based pomade are thicker in consistency and therefore not as malleable and a bit harder to work with when applying to your hair or when trying to restyle. They contain a wax based ingredient such as beeswax or other type of waxes. They are primarily dryer and provide weaker shine then all of the other pomade bases discussed above. Wax based pomade also come in a variety of holds. Same as oil and petroleum based pomade wax based pomade are also very difficult to wash out.

            wax base pomade


            Pomade finishes

            Pomades come in 4 main finishes which is the characteristics result of a set look once the pomade has been applied and sets.

            If you’ve ever heard or pomade being thrown around then you’ll probably assume pomades for it’s great shine that it can provide. Well this is true but it can also provide the low to medium and no shine finishes which can found in a multitude of pomade brands

            Matte pomade – Almost like a dry natural look to your hair.

            Try: Uppercut Matte Pomade

            Low shine pomade – Provide a subtle shine finish.

            Try: Anchors Aweigh Strong Hold Pomade 

            Medium shine pomade – Provides a medium shine finish where the shine is noticeable somewhat balanced shine between naturally oily hair and dry hair.

            Try: Suavecito pomade 

            High shine pomade – Lastly high shine pomades are shiny and if it were to best described I would have to say that it’s as if though you’ve dampened your shine where it has that slight wet shine look.

            Try: Triumph & Disaster Ponsoby Pomade

            Pomade holds

            There is a difference besides holding power when it come’s to the different levels of pomade holds and its individual characteristics which are outlined below.

            Low hold pomade

            Low hold or light hold pomade as the name suggest provide a light hold on your hair meaning that it is definitely more susceptible to movement throughout the day, or moisture and sweat. They won’t provide that hardened feel once dried in your hair but rather allows your hair to still move naturally.

            Checkout: Low hold pomades

            Medium hold pomade

            Medium hold’s are more balanced they provide good hold throughout the day. It will harden the hair to a point that you’ll be able notice product in your hair and where that natural hair texture will become firm.

            Checkout: Medium hold pomades

            Strong hold pomade

            As for strong pomade holds your able to achieve really tight and slick looks without having to worry as much of your hair moving throughout the day. Once strong hold pomade’s set they leave a firm shell layer on your hair that adds weight and allows your hair to moult to your desired styles quite effortlessly. They have enough hold power to definitely weight down any frizz or sticking out hair pieces.

            Checkout: Strong hold pomades

            Ultimately men's pomade is a super flexible hair product there's a multitude of men's pomade now available for literally any requirement you may have. For all types of hair weather this be thin or thick long or short. But if you're after a "slick" clean and tidy look then pomade can most definitely help style that desired look.